Show Must Go On - Season 4

New collection by Sushchenko is a continuation of a long journey in which designer explores new directions and styles. This time she looks for inspiration mostly in rock'n'roll, but also in Greek art. It's an eclectic exhibition of pieces, each with its own story. Sushchenko is going for effortless and easy clothes that sparkle your imagination, but don't restrict. It's a moderate expression, where details create the whole and whole create details. Sushchenko's identity lay in array of prints and colours and this collection feature prints on viscose, velvet and cotton. It's vivid but modest creation have a unique and strong vision.

Design and art direction - Natalia Sushchenko

Photography - Natalia Sushchenko

Retouch - Natalia Sushchenko

Stylist - Julia Popova

Make up - Anastasia Palchikova

Assistants - Anel Rinat, Arkady Vyrlan, Árni Gudjonsson


Shoes and jewelry are not part of collection.